How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Facebook

Hi friends,

I really want you to remember we all started small. Every single social media brand, influencer and blogger started out with just a handful of followers… even myself!!!  Getting your first 1,000 followers makes all the difference in the world and I can teach you how to get there organically. Even though the Facebook algorithm is always changing, I have tried-and-true tips that will help you get on track to getting your first 1,000 followers. And once you reach that magical number of 1k something shifts in your brain and your business.


You can either read the tips here or watch the video below…

6 Things to GROW your Facebook Following:

1. Ask your friends and family to follow your page, but don’t beg them for a follow and don’t be insulted if they don’t follow you. They are not your ideal audience. But most times you can get 400-600 followers who are already your friends and family.

2. Post four times a day. Every day. Every day. Every day.

3. Film two Facebook Lives every week. (Get my free list of 60 Facebook Live topic ideas HERE.)

4. Use your Facebook Insights to determine what your audience wants to see more of and then do more of THAT.

5. Be different and be YOU.

6. Write your Facebook posts like you’re texting your best friend. Quit putting on your business hat and write your posts like you actually talk! Build RELATIONSHIP with your audience.

5 Things to NOT do on your Facebook Page:

1. Don’t obsess over your numbers. Don’t look at the unfollows and quit trying to figure out who just unliked your page.

2. Don’t just barf up sales posts all day long on your page.

3. Don’t outsource your voice.

4. Don’t run contests because you’re getting the “coupon cutters” as followers.

5. Don’t try to be someone who you’re not.

Video: Getting your first 1k Followers

 What’s next?

I cannot stress enough that consistency is key. You have to show up every day and be willing to serve your audience with the best, most juiciest content. But don’t forget to make sure your Facebook Business Page is set up RIGHT. Go here to do your own mini-audit of your Facebook Page.

These tips should really help your Facebook get going. If you found them useful, you will get even more guidance and insight into social media in my coaching program – Inner Circle. Get on the waitlist HERE. This highly-motivated group of biz owners is only open twice a year to new members.

Happy Posting and Growing!